What are QR codes and are they safe to use?

What are QR codes and are they safe to use

Nowadays, QR codes are frequently seen on goods, packaging, and signage as a convenient method to get information on your phone. But how do they operate?

These days, QR (Quick Response) codes are widely utilised for a variety of tasks, such as product packaging and returns, as well as perusing menus at cafés and restaurants.

Although barcodes have been around since 1994, the technology isn’t particularly new. What are they used for, and are they safe? We go into further detail regarding the technology and provide links to various free QR scanner apps that you can download and use.

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What are QR codes?

Two-dimensional barcodes called Quick Response Codes, or QR codes for short, are able to direct you to an internet location like a website or download link. In essence, they are hyperlinks represented as images.

You use the camera on your phone to scan the shape when you want to engage with a QR code. On your mobile device, a message with a clickable link will appear, giving you instant access to a website with further details.

Anyone may use a smartphone app or website to make and distribute a QR code.

What are QR codes and are they safe to use

There are numerous applications for QR codes. They assisted in reducing social distancing measures during the coronavirus pandemic by placing QR codes outside of venues so people could ‘check in’. Since then, a lot of eateries have continued to let customers examine menus using QR codes. They are also used by online retailers to make returns easier, by businesses to provide instant access to marketing or promotional materials, by companies to facilitate feedback, and by individuals to exchange content.

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Are QR codes safe to use?

Not every QR code is secure. Given that anyone may generate a QR code and direct it to any desired website, scammers have opportunity to exploit this technology.

A banner on the side of a building, for instance, can entice you to scan a code and complete a form in order to receive a reward, but in reality, you might be giving your personal information to unscrupulous third parties. Additionally, QR codes can be set up to download files to your smartphone without your consent. This puts your personal data at risk of being collected and sold by background apps that collect data.

Put otherwise, there is no reason why someone couldn’t print a dangerous QR code and hide it somewhere it will attract notice.

In light of this, confirm that the source of any QR code you are going to scan is a reliable one. It is safer to scan the QR code at the door of a reputable restaurant than, say, an unlabeled code on a bus station window.

How do I scan QR codes?

A QR scanner is integrated into the operating system of the majority of contemporary Android handsets. If not, there are many of options available for you to pick from when downloading a QR scanner from the Google Play Store. Most importantly, before installing a QR app, make sure it has good user reviews and that the developer or brand is one you are familiar with.

What are QR codes and are they safe to use

On an iPhone, the built-in camera app supports scanning QR codes. Hold your device in front of a QR code after opening the Camera app, selecting the rear-facing camera. When your smartphone detects what it is glancing at, it will send you a notification automatically. You can visit the website the QR code is linked to by tapping that alert.

Trend Micro QR Scanner

Trend Micro, a manufacturer of antivirus software, has an Android QR scanner app. By aligning the code with the on-screen markers, you may focus your camera at a code.

In contrast to certain other QR scanner applications, Trend Micro QR Scanner shows a preview of the URL that the code generates; in order to be forwarded, you must click “Open.” The programme will alert you if it detects a URL that might lead to a website infected with malware.

The programme keeps track of all the QR codes you’ve scanned, allowing you to quickly access previous connections with a few taps.

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